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Pamsika Classified Website is the most efficient and suitable classifieds site.

Pamsika Classified Website provides a simple and better solution in selling, buying and meeting people near you, wherever you may reside.

Everything we touch turns to "SOLD"...........

Visit : www.pamsika.mw

Are you planning to Buy, Sell, Let or Rent a property here in Malawi? Then Pamsika website is the place for you. Www.pamsika.mw has the most advance 21st Century platform that can help you sell or advertise your goods. Our website is FREE and monitored/moderated 24/7 to prevent people from posting spam.

With Pamsika Malawi Classifieds you only need to post your advert once and all you have to do is sitback and relax and let the website do th magic.

Other advantages on our website are:

Easily create ads with pictures.
Easily manage your selling and buying activities.
Free and premium listings.
Flexible payment plans.
Worldwide geographic target.
Secure paypal payment option.

All adverts are shared with our thousands of Twitter and Facebook friends meaning you are killing three birds with one stone.
Over 5000 visits per day from people within and outside Malawi.
Apart from being "free" you can also share your advert by email with family and friends.
If you want to edit or delete your advert, all is in your hands by just login onto our website and edit your advert.

In commemoration of our 10th Anniversary of our website, we have organised lots of Goodies to give away. These includes TV’s, Football Jerseys and many more……

Where does the name "Pamsika" comes from?

Some people who are new to the "Warm Heart Of Africa" might wonder where does the name comes from. Pamsika is a Bantu word, from Malawi's vernicular language "Chichewa" meaning "The Marketplace". This is commonly used by local traders selling their merchandise like farm produce but in the late 20th century the kind of goods found on "Pamsika" has magnificently widen. Nowdays on pamsika you can find Cars, Motor bikes, Bicycles, clothes, Electrical goods and many more.

With this in mind thats how the website called "Pamsika" was born, initially to help widen up the horizones of the local traders sell their merchandise on the internet within and outside Malawi.

Using Pamsika will not only help you sell your goods quickly but also encourage competition in the long run.


Since its founding in 2010, Pamsika Website and its people have helped redefine the way the internet is used in Malawi. The website has continually broken new bounderies in advertising and most of our users are opening up and realise the importance of the website.

10 years down the line and proud to say "we are here to stay". Providing Free service not only excites us but gives us an opportunity to give back something to the Community at large.

Pamsika Website is accredited company in Malawi and registered under the name Pansika.com. Reg. No. 129378. We abide by the law.